Submit to me, I like to get what I want – and you’re here because the same is true of you. You want the intimacy of a date with an escort combined with the magic of submitting to an experienced Mistress.

I am the woman who stands over you in your fantasies –  An aggressive and sadistic femme fatale? I may be laughing at you? With a stern and formal disciplinarian glaze. I may be your a boss or your colleague? Or I might have a loving, nurturing side, gently correcting you rather than turning the screw.

I will have a lot of fun toying with you, or taking your formal punishment very seriously. I might be furious, compassionate, playful, strict…out of reach, or intoxicatingly close.

More importantly, I use glamour and sex to overpower you. I am using you for my own pleasure and I don’t feel guilty about it. I simply love it!

What I do or would like to explore…

  • Sensual Domination;
  • Anal Play;
  • Corporal Punishment / Impact Play;
  • Humiliation;
  • Roleplaying;
  • Fetish;
  • Orgasm Control & Edging;
  • Sex Toys;
  • Water-sports;
  • Sadism & Masochism.